D&CS and FM Recharge detail is now available in EZ Access starting with GL date 201507.
You can identify our recharges in the GL detail screen by scrolling to the right to find the Source Code. Our charges will have FAC:

  1. https://www.datawarehouse.ucsb.edu/
    Navigate to EZ Access and login with your UCSBNetID and password.

  2. Under the General Ledger section, click on Detail Transactions Inquiry.

  3. *optional*   Enter FAC as the Source No to narrow down the results to our recharges.

  4. Click Submit request to view the Transaction Detail Inquiry.

  5. In the Description column, click on the blue hyperlink for the expenditure backup. See note below for liens.*

  6. The Project Detail Inquiry by Month will open in a new window/tab.

    “Blanket” projects are subtotaled by FM’s TMA #.
    “Large” projects totaled by month.

  7. *optional* Export to Excel or print to save as backup to your GL.

  8. To view Project reports (inception to date), please see the Project Summary and Detail.
    To view transaction detail for more than one month at a time or filter by TMA #, please try the Project Transaction Detail Inquiry.


* Lien detail is not included in the monthly backup. The GL line item is the total of lien releases (matching expenditures) and any lien adjustments for the period. The detail can be found by using the Project Transaction Detail Inquiry.


Recharge Billing questions dfss-bfp@ucsb.edu
FM TMA questions/status updates customerservice@pf.ucsb.edu
Data Warehouse https://www.datawarehouse.ucsb.edu/