Centrally Funded and Recharge Services

The Facilities Management Service Guide provides our customers with a list of services provided, differentiating between those services that are centrally funded and those services that are chargeable to the department. All services are available at a charge to auxiliary units and units in non-centrally funded spaces.

Facilities Management operates and maintains UCSB facilities as set forth in the University of California Office of the President FACILITES MANUAL VOLUME 6. We strive to support the campus mission, however, our priorities undergo constant re-evaluation in light of budget and other external factors.

Building Systems Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

The FACILITIES MANUAL referenced above makes clear distinctions between maintenance, repair and replacement that have implications as to how the work is undertaken, as well as impacts on funding and approval processes. In the event the cost of the maintenance or repair of the building system becomes unreasonable as compared to replacement, or the building system has reached the end of its useful life, Facilities Management will work in partnership on a resolution/replacement with the affected department.

Facilities Management generally will maintain building systems (roof, HVAC, floor coverings, built-in casework, etc.) that are original to the building to ensure they retain functionality for its anticipated useful life. Facilities Management will work with campus units to determine who should maintain specialized research equipment. Facilities Management does not pay for the replacement of specialized research equipment. In addition, the maintenance for any building space that has been re-purposed or modified by the department is recharged.

Common Recharge Service Estimates

We have prepared estimated costs of common recharge services completed for under $1,000 by the Facilities Management shops. These estimates are composed of an estimated labor cost and an estimated material cost. Circumstances for each job are different, some will be easier than others, so we have provided customers with an estimate range for the total cost. To request recharge services estimated to be under $1,000, please submit a work request through WebTMA and include a recharge account number.

To receive an estimate for larger recharge services, which would be more than $1,000, it is necessary for one of our shop superintendents to meet with you to get a better idea of your need and the area where the work will be done. To get an estimate, please submit an ESTIMATE REQUEST through WebTMA. You will be contacted by the appropriate shop superintendent within 72 hours to schedule a time to meet and discuss your project.