Issuance of Building Permits

  1. The Building Permit is required to be issued prior to issuance of the Notice to Proceed by the Contracts Office.
  2. If a project requires Plan Check (see above) that process needs to be vetted prior to the Permit being issued.  If Plan Check is not required, go to Step 3.
  3. PM to meet with the assigned IOR to review the scope and determine which boxes to check on the permit card.  If the standard form needs to be modified, the PM or Project Analyst can do this using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.
  4. If Step 1 is included, DCFM will have been looped in as needed.  If not the PM and IOR should determine if Fire Life Safety Systems are impacted which include:  Fire Alarm, Smoke Detection, Sprinkler System. If fire rated construction/corridors are involved in the scope the DCFM should be looped in as well.
  5. PM sends the CBO an email that contains in the title: "Building Permit:  Project Name – Minor/Major Cap Number (CAAN number)".
  6. CBO reviews and assigns a Permit Number (upper right) and logs it into the Permit Log.  The CBO will sign it and send an email entitled "PERMIT ISSUED" in the email title.
  7. Once the project is complete, route the signed off Permit card via DocuSign: PM, CBO and DCFM (if applicable) to initial the permit card. See below example.

  8. CBO or Project Analyst files the final PDF permit in Box along with the originally issued permit and logs it out with the completion date in the Permit Log.