Current University of California, Santa Barbara (“UCSB”) construction bidding opportunities with an estimated value in excess of $640,000 and consultant selections with an anticipated value in excess of $100,000 are considered "formal" competitive bids/selections and must be advertised by UCSB.

Construction projects are advertised on the Contracting Services Department’s website (see below), or in a newspaper of general circulation (usually Santa Barbara News Press) AND a trade paper (usually Dodge Report) within the County of Santa Barbara. Requests for consultant qualifications and/or proposals are advertised in a relevant trade publication or professional journal AND on the State Contracts Register - a statewide bid repository website run by the California Department of General Services.

In addition, all “formal” competitive solicitations are also posted on the UCSB website:

CONTRACTOR bidding and prequalification information


CONSULTANT selection and prequalification information

The Bidding Documents associated with formal bid solicitations are available on the UCSB online planroom at Once registered on the UCSB planroom site, prospective bidders may view and/or download UCSB Construction/Bidding Documents for free.

Informal Competitive Bidding and Negotiated Awards

Contractors interested in participating in either informal competitive bidding ($50k - $640k) or awarded an agreement under a direct selection (or “negotiated”) award (<$50k), should complete and submit a Contractor Profile Form to the University in order to be listed on the UCSB Contractor/Consultant database.

Getting listed on the UCSB Contractor/ Consultant database requires contractors and/or consultants to complete either a Contractor Profile Form or a Consultant Profile Form and return the completed item via email to

Upon receipt of a complete form, UCSB staff will add your firm to the UCSB Contractor/Consultant database, thereby making your firm’s business information available to UCSB project managers who may be interested in your firm's services for various informal UCSB construction, renovation, and/or improvement projects.

Should you have any questions or require assistance completing the Contractor/Consultant Profile Form or require additional information, please contact

CONTRACTOR AWARD(S). The award of the ‘Lowest Responsible Bidder’ for each bid solicitation is posted on the UCSB Contracting Services Department internet page located at - find the project you’re interested in and click the button to view the Bid Summary and statement as to which firm is the Lowest Responsible Bidder.

CONSULTANT SELECTION(S). The short list of firms developed by the University Screening Committee and the final selection of the most qualified firm, as determined by the University Selection Committee, are both posted on the UCSB Contracting Services Department internet page located at - find the project you’re interested in and click the button to view that information.