UCSB has recognized that the first and foremost priority of waste management is source reduction. UCSB strives to reduce the quantity of material, especially landfill and toxic material, entering the UCSB Campus. The following programs, practices, and tips ensure UCSB is successful at source reduction.

Reduce packaging purchases – Strive to avoid packing when possible. This includes purchasing items with minimal packaging. A great way to reduce packaging is also by ordering economy-size products and purchasing items in bulk.

Reduce purchasing materials that are toxic – Reducing the purchase of materials that contain toxins is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. It is important to read product labels for any chemicals that may be hazardous.

Utilize the NEW UCSB Procurement Gateway System


Loaning, sharing, and donating are great ways to practice source reduction. Departments on-campus are encouraged to maximize the use of their current resources and reuse products when possible. The following programs are a great way to obtain lightly used and even brand new surplus products.